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Finished MBC - October 2018 - Ground Zero

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Hello and welcome to
The Reawakens

--==Monthly build contest==--

What is the monthly build contest (MBC)?
Every month the staff decides on a theme they think the players of the server would like. When the theme is found, players can make groups (or build it solo) to complete a build they think will fit the theme.
At that month's end, the staff will judge all the submissions, based on how well they are made, and how they fit the given theme. When they select the winners, the winning build team will get prizes :d

Build theme:

The build theme for this month is “Ground Zero”
You can build whatever you want, in whatever style you wish, as long it features a build after a great destruction

Spoiler: Pictures for InspirationShow

Winning Prize:

- Winning prize will be having the build moved close to plots world spawn.
- A special "contest winner" award on the website.
- Might be featured on TheReawakens PMC page

How will it be judged:
The build will be judged by a number of judges from the staff, who have not participated themselves.
We judge on a point system, where a judge can give a total of 10 points in each category, specified in this post. Each category will count at a certain percentage of the total sum, ex. 60% of the total score is from the design, and 40 from the theme fit. This means 10 points in the design score, will only give a total of 6 points in the total score.

The build will be judged in the following way:

30% Theme fit
50% Design
10% Details
10% Exposition


Teams can be no bigger than 3 people
If more people have built on it, the build can be disqualified

You may make as many entries as you want, but remember: only ONE entry will be chosen, so we always recommend quality over quantity, Its better to have 1 extremely good build, rather than 5 mediocre builds

You have the whole month to build. (1st of the month to the last day (ends at 11:59 pm GMT+1))

You are not allowed to use old builds, only things you create during the contest time.

You must build your entire submission in a area of a predetermined size of 200x200 blocks.
Meaning ALL builds and terrain, (cities, fences, farms, etc.) must not exceed a total max area of 200x200 blocks. You may go as high or as deep as you wish

It is required to build the MBC in the plots world to control who has access to it
If you need another plot for the MBC, you can ask a staff member to give you one
If the build does not fit with the theme in any way, it will not be judged (You can not just win on design alone)
You need to have fun when building, if your not having fun, then shame on you :)

When submitting the build, ONE of the team members reply to this post with (you can copy paste this)

Team members:
Plot Coordinates:
Description: (What are we supposed to be seeing?)
Screenshots: (optional but reccomended)
Story (What is the story behind the build? max 255 words)

Good luck to all contestants!
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Posted Oct 5, 18 · OP · Last edited Nov 4, 18
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Winner Announcement!
and our winner is:
No one
no one submitted anything ;-;
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Posted Nov 4, 18 · OP
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