Monthly Build Contest - October 2018

NODO55 Moderator posted Oct 5, 18

Hai guys :3

its time for a brand new

- - = = Monthly Build Contest = = - -

We announced the new monthly build contest theme! This is your chance to participate and show off your building skills, and prove that you are the best builder that there ever was!

You can also test your skills and explore your abilities in this month's theme:

Ground Zero

Everyone can join in the fun, from gubbies to staff.

So go on! Compete! Make a team! Build! Win a shiny medal!

For more information about this month's MBC, please go to this forum post.

Best regards, the Staff of the Reawakens :3

JKingN Gubby I need help joining when i try to join reawakens it says i am not whitelisted. What do I do?